How Our Multi-day Tours Work:

​(​multi-day tours)

Once you’ve found the tour that matches your interest and time availability, you’re almost done.  Before sending your deposit for the tour you’ve chosen, make sure that you’ve contacted us about your tour of choice to make sure that your particular tour has space available for you to join it.  To be financially viable, we’ve set the minimum number of participants for our motorcycle tours that are accompanied by a support truck with an auxiliary bike at 3 (unless otherwise arranged).  With 1 or 2 participants in a tour, we provide waterproof saddlebags for each participant to carry their own gear, as a support truck and auxiliary bike are usually not provided.  Similarly, for overall smoothness of our tours, we have space for a maximum number of 7 riding participants per tour.  For groups with more than 7 riding participants, contact us to make special arrangements.  The best way to guarantee that your tour will be a “go” is to come with a friend.  Otherwise, if you know you’ll be coming alone, let us know in advance and we’ll work to team you up with another participant or group to get you on the tour that you’ve chosen.  As our way of showing our appreciation for choosing us, ask us about what discounts we can offer for large groups.

After you’ve been given the "ok" for your tour, the next step is making the $500 non-refundable deposit which reserves your spot.  Following your deposit you’ll receive an email confirmation & invoice from us with a packing list & pre-tour questionnaire.  Please take the time to complete and return the pre-tour questionnaire as it will aid us in preparing for your arrival and in making sure that the bike you’ll be using is set up appropriately. Deposits/reservations need to be made a minimum of 1 month before the 1st day of your tour.  Upon arrival to Bolivia, you’ll need to complete the payment for the remainder of your trip in cash (US dollars or Bolivianos) at which time we’ll issue you a receipt of payment.  We have chosen to accept payments in this manner because it saves both you and us money.  If you are unable or reluctant to pay in cash, please contact us.

As soon as you’ve made your deposit and received the email confirmation from us, your tour is officially “booked” and your next step is to book a round-trip ticket to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia (Viru Viru International Airport).  Make sure that your arrival date is the same as the first day of your tour and that the departure date matches the last day of the tour.

In preparing for your trip to Bolivia, make sure to allow time for investigating the entrance requirements for citizens from your country, as some require tourist visas while others don’t.  To obtain this information we recommend contacting the Bolivian Embassy or Consulate nearest you.  If you discover that you will need a tourist visa, you’ll want to inquire about what the current requirements are and whether you’ll need to obtain your visa before departing from your country or if it can be done upon arrival at the airport in Bolivia as is often the case.  For citizens of countries that do not require a tourist visa, it’s recommended that you ask about any other possible entrance requirements that might exist.  Be sure to let us know if you need any assistance in this area, we’d be happy to lend a hand.  Lastly, you might additionally need a letter of invitation or a hotel reservation letter, if that's the case let us know and we’ll send you what you need so you can print it off and bring with you.

All of our multi-day tours with 3 or more riding participants are accompanied by two guides, one leading on a motorcycle, the other following in the support truck.  Tours with 1 or 2 riding participants are accompanied by one guide either leading on a motorcycle or in special prearranged situations, driving the support truck, depending on the unique circumstances of a particular tour and the participant/s.    As most tours with 1 or 2 participants are not accompanied by the support truck, no auxiliary bike will be available and luggage is limited to the provided saddlebags and top box, as well as some additional space in the lead guides single-wheel adventure trailer.  On tours with 3 or more participants, the support truck which is typically never far behind the group and is responsible for transporting the participants gear and the necessary tools and parts for doing roadside maintenance.  We pride ourselves on seeing to it that our participants have a good time on their tour, part of that means making sure that our bikes are in top mechanical shape so that our participants have the best chance possible of starting and finishing their tour riding a motorcycle, after all that’s a big part of what they’re paying for.  In an effort to value our participants time and money, the support truck also carries an auxiliary motorcycle in the event that it's not feasible to repair a bike on tour.  Our feeling is that our participants are coming from afar to experience Bolivia via one of the best ways possible, that being by motorcycle, so we want to do everything in our power to make that a reality.   Likewise, if during a tour a participant wants or needs a little time off the bike, they can let us know and we’ll load their bike up on the support truck and they can ride along in the truck until they tell us that they're ready to ride again.